Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We Are Adding New Flatbeds to Our Fleet

As trucking companies continue their long ascent out of recession territory, the flatbed industry comes trundling after. Overall flatbed sales have jumped across the States for new and used flatbeds. Wabash National Corporation alone reported that 2011 saw for it a 91% increase in overall flatbed sales from the days of 2009, when the economic situation was looking especially grim. With the versatility of the platform (the fact is that you can put a flatbed towards pretty much a million and one uses), and with the American trucking and flatbed industry remaining one of the most robust and qualitatively competitive in the world, it comes  as little or no surprise to us that sales are on the up and up.

 As for D.W. Lift Sales, we continue to invest for the long-haul in the flatbed industry. So far we’ve purchased 49 1999 – 2002 model Wabashes from a prominent leasing company (all of them featuring flatbed dimensions of 36’6” x 102”), in addition to Great Dane and Fontaine models as well. The prices we carry them at are a trucker’s dream, ranging anywhere from $5500 - $8500. And just as our prices are convenient, so are the locations we sell at: we’re selling these newly-purchased flatbeds all over the United States. Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Montana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Wyoming, California, Michigan, Maine, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois, and Maryland all carry our product. 

In the next couple years we expect to bring the number of new purchases from this leasing company up to something along the lines of 250 flatbeds.

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