Monday, October 22, 2012

Unregulated Forklifts: Buy Them While You Can

Over the course of the last decade, there has been a growing stream of laws enacted on the forklift industry that limits the level of gas emissions coming from their motors. These various regulations stem from every level of government, from the local to the federal. The wisdom of these regulations is nothing we wish to touch upon in this blog. The practical issue at hand is one that is a lot more important to the everyday forklift operator: cost benefit. Simply put, as emissions standards increase, vehicle and forklift manufacturers are forced to invest in R & D in order to comply with those standards. As a result, the price of the product spirals upwards for the everyday consumer.

Come January 1, 2013, another emissions cap is set to be put into law.  Namely, Tier 4 non-road diesel emissions standards for engines generating up to 560kW will be increased. These kinds of engines (commonly found on forklifts) will now be required to emit a mere 5.0 in terms of carbon monoxide (CO) – with an ideal target of 3.7 for emissions. The price to get your engine certified will be costly enough, but spending money on newer, costlier engines that already comply with these emissions standards is enough to make some people want to go out a buy one for themselves before the law comes into full effect.

On that note, DW Lift Sales offers a wide variety of heavy-duty, tough-performing forklift models that are a bargain deal – especially when considering what’s coming your way 2013. Don’t let new price increases spoil your New Year’s. Get in on purchasing our gear before more regulations hit the (engine) fan.

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