Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wanted: Skilled Truck Drivers!

The trucking industry is booming, with data showing that trucks carried the most cargo out of any transportation method in the U.S. last year by far. With tons of opportunity and new regulations cutting back the hours for many truckers, new drivers are in high demand. More than 300,000 jobs are projected to be available for new truckers in 2014. But not anybody can just climb behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle; they must be trained and skilled in the trade. This is where many new initiatives are coming in to help promote the trucking industry and recruit and train new drivers.
One of these initiatives is the 160 Driving Academy. They are one of the fastest growing truck driving schools and are hosting hiring initiative events. Many large North American transportation companies are even sponsoring the program and paying for the tuition of qualified applicants and guaranteeing them jobs upon graduation at no cost to them. With so many jobs available to skilled drivers, now is the time to get the proper education for the industry. Trucker numbers are dwindling as the need for them is spiking, making the transportation industry a great opportunity for the unemployed.

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