Monday, December 12, 2011

Ever Wonder How They Get the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree into Place?

We’ve got to hand it to our friends out there in NYC. Not only do they have to haul a gigantic 75-90’ Norwegian spruce into Rockefeller Center in the heart of Midtown every December, but they’ve got to pass over innumerable bridges, toll-roads, tunnels, and streets to get there. That’s quite a feat of engineering that goes into providing the Big Apple with its Big Tree each year, especially when it involves carrying it on a custom-made, 100’ telescoping trailer equipped with an all-terrain, hydraulic crane. It doesn’t seem very likely, does it, a giant tractor trailer snaking its way through the streets and alleys of America’s largest city in the dead of winter? Apparently they drive it into Manhattan in the middle of the night accompanied by a full-on police escort. That way, nobody gets hurt and morning rush-hour doesn’t grind to a halt on account of a Christmas tree.

We here at D.W. Lift Sales can appreciate the huge logistical undertaking, but our equipment’s actually performed similarly complex jobs throughout our time. Some of the most heavyweight (and similarly most delicate) lifting done to this date in America has been done with the help of D.W. trailers and cranes. In fact, Mayor Bloomberg, if you’re looking around for a lifting company to help you get your tree into NYC this upcoming December, 2012…

D.W. Lift Sales has the trailers in its inventory to keep America lifting high and heavy. It’s part of our can-do spirit, whatever the weather, season, occasion, or holiday. It’s simply the way we roll. Happy holidays from all of us in Columbus, OH.

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