Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Happens in Vegas… Starts Happening Everywhere

It doesn’t get much larger-than-life than Las Vegas, and that definitely includes the business conferences that come rumbling through this town of wheelers and shakers. It’s a city where more often than not the trends of tomorrow are broadcasted (as loudly and as splashily as possible) in the trade shows of today. And the upcoming Guardian Building’s Spring Products Show in late January, “the largest annual gathering of independent lumber and building material dealers in the United States,” isn’t about to prove itself any disappointing exception.

D.W. Lift Sales is pleased to report that we’ll be setting up our own booth at The Guardian Building Spring Products Show in Las Vegas. Since so much of our freight clientele is in the business of hauling lumber and building materials from one end of the interstate to the other, and being that we’re one of the industry’s top 200 key-most suppliers, D.W. feels a strong pull to make its presence felt at the Show. Namely, we’ll be there showing off our line of 2013 Freightliner trucks (among others) to those who stop by our booth. These state-of-the-art beauties are meant to be driven with the love, precision, and work ethic only a real trucker can possess.

But freight tractor trailers and lumber won’t be the only talk of the town, come January. Gala receptions, cocktail welcoming parties, keynote breakfast buffets are all in the works. And after all, there’s always Las Vegas to explore. All the big casinos casinos will be decked to the nines for an event this size, and will be offering your choice of evening’s entertainment, everything from a Cher concert at Caesars Palace to other, more “classic” Vegas-style performances at Bally’s.

Either way, we at D.W. are sincerely looking forward to meeting faces, greeting hands, and doing some good business with the best in our class. Stop on by and join us at the show, or stay tuned for our upcoming blog entry about what happened in Vegas… we promise, we’ll tell you everything.

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