Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Fleet of Compactor Trucks Is Coming Down the Pipeline

Not only is D.W. Lift Sales in the business of selling trucks, trailers, and forklifts, we also have a strong inventory as far as trash compactor trucks. Here’s the scoop: a well-known company is leasing a sizable fleet of Mack and Volvo compactor trucks for its own clean-up and maintenance purposes. As the contract stipulates, once the lease on these trucks runs out, D.W. Lift Sales is slated to buy the whole lot of them. We envision these compactor trucks as being perfect for mom-and-pop compaction operations, as well as company and/or university facility maintenance throughout the Midwest and beyond.

As we mentioned before, the sorts of compactor trucks we offer are Mack and Volvo trucks. The Mack compactor trucks are Mack MR 688S models. Currently we field three of them, but we anticipate 20-30 more of them coming our way, several at a time, in the coming years. We also currently stock a single 2000 Volvo WX 64 compactor truck. Known for their endurance against wear-and-tear and rough weather conditions, these cost-effective workhorses could well be the make-or-break addition to anyone’s maintenance fleet. Have yourself a look on our website, and bring one (or three) of them back to your heavy equipment garage today.

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