Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coming Soon: New Princeton Forklifts at D.W. Lift Sales!

In an industry where ruggedness and sheer hydraulic strength are the norm and not the exception, Princeton forklifts are frequently considered to go above and beyond in those categories. Industry experts agree that Princeton’s forklift models are conducive to outdoor materials handling jobs, largely on account of their combination of brute strength and versatile maneuverability. Often seen in use at rubble-strewn construction sites, mining pits, or in lumber camps in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, these tough-driving monsters know little in the way of terrain they can’t navigate.

While D.W. Lift Sales frequently boasts its fair share of Princetons, we are happy to announce that very soon, we will be featuring even more. We have entered into an agreement with a company that currently leases them (they have their own contract where they use them on behalf of a larger company). Once the company’s lease ends, these forklifts will end up in D.W. Sales lots throughout the country. We anticipate nine to ten different models, available as early as mid-April.

Easily lifted onto a flatbed truck, a Princeton forklift is the ideal platform for getting a tough job done efficiently and without unnecessary strain. Heavy construction, mining, and lumber are all tough acts to follow, let alone thrive in. Princeton forklifts almost make it look easy.

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