Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trucking Expected to Help the Northeast Rebuild after Sandy

Just a few weeks ago, one of the deadliest and most costly storms in American history barnstormed into the Tri-State region of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Whether you want to call it a “hurricane” or a “superstorm” doesn’t really matter: the facts speak for themselves. Well over one hundred American citizens are dead. Whole neighborhoods are gutted with fire, leaving 40,000 homeless. The iconic boardwalk along the Jersey Shore has been ripped to unrecognizable shreds and planks. And for many days, basic services like electric power and mass transit were (in some cases still are) inaccessible to the millions in the New York Metro Region who depend on them daily. Conservative estimates of the total damage amount to upwards of $50 billion.
Obviously, the trucking industry suffered along with the rest of the region. Trucking is vital to supplying the needs of the Five Boroughs, not to mention the endless, sprawling suburbs. In part due to the inability of trucks to reach their proper destinations after Sandy, as well as the massive, region-wide fuel shortage, the 4th quarter GDP for the trucking industry is expected to decline by as much as 0.6%.
But there’s light at the end of the long tunnel, both for New York and for trucking. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie put it succinctly the other day, “We will rebuild.”  Construction crews are expected to retrofit, renovate, repair, and yes, rebuild the neighborhoods and towns that have been devastated by the fires and flooding. Needless to say, flatbeds will be in high demand in transporting construction materials to help Greater New York recover from disaster’s aftermath.
We at DW Lift Sales are here to help our fellow Americans at a moment’s notice. We currently have a significant number of 2013 Freightliner trucks in our inventory, as well as many tried-and-true 2006 Moffetts in stock. We have knuckle-booms that can re-set shingles onto roofs, cranes that can reach to high places, and all kinds of equipment that can help restore the lives and spirits of our nation’s largest urban area. When we see a neighbor’s house burning, we aren’t ones to shy away from helping put out the flames. We’re here to help our friends in New York – whatever it takes. Just give us a call or send a quote today.

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