Monday, December 3, 2012

DW’s Heading to the Guardian Building Products Show in Vegas in 2013

It’s one of the biggest distribution materials conferences in America in any given year, and 2013’s Guardian Building Products Show in Las Vegas promises to be no exception. Companies from across North America and the world at large will descend upon the beautiful Paris Las Vegas Hotel to demonstrate their products, promote their services, and showcase the latest in insulation, gypsum, roofing, millwork, windows, doors, sheathing, hardware, plumbing, adhesives, and more: basically anything you’d ever want on your hands if you’re in the construction business. Seeing as the construction business is showing signs of recovery for the real time since 2007, we at DW Lift Sales expect there to be a more celebratory “feel” to the whole meet-up this year.
Basically, we can’t wait. Not only are we heading to beautiful sun-drenched Las Vegas, but being that we’re also significant players in the distribution and transportation of building materials both regionally and nationwide, we expect to meet some friendly faces. We’re looking forward to seeing people we already know and do good business with, as well as meeting up with new potential clients, customers, and forging alliances with strategic business partners.  Here’s to a great business year for 2013. See you there in Vegas! We promise you that we don’t cheat at cards AND that we’re friendly people to boot!

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