Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flatbeds Help the Real Estate Market Find Its Legs Again

When the Great Recession struck in 2007, there wasn’t an industry in America that took a harder punch than the real estate market. The “Housing Bubble” and its subsequent collapse became – overnight – a household word. It’s been a long several years now since those days of sudden economic collapse, and the nation is still struggling to rekindle its economy, the real estate sector included. But while growth remains slow, signs point towards a gradual improvement for even the housing and commercial real estate markets – and for the flatbed and dry van industry that means a corresponding uptick in business opportunities.

Flatbeds continue to be an integral part of the transportation of construction materials. Without the volume that flatbeds can carry, there would simply have been no cost-effective means of developing the sprawling suburbs and exurbs that surround most North American cities. But the housing market is just the “tip of the opportunity” for truckers and big rig companies. Despite June and July’s slow manufacturing growth (in comparison with the earlier months of this year), manufacturing orders are up considerably from just a year ago. While we’re certainly not out of the woods yet as a country, the numbers show that the growing need for trucking jobs in America attests to an overall spirit of optimism and recovery. Here’s to making it over the mountain. Knock on wood (or asphalt, as the case may be).

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