Monday, January 28, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Update

While approximately $60 billion in relief aid has been earmarked to help the Tri-State Area recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the fact remains that things on the ground are hectic and harried. The funding that was promised to relieve the Tri-State has been delayed as a result of debates in both Houses of Congress, even as homeowners seek to rebuild and businesses seek to reopen along the flooded ruins of a shoreline. A lot of hard-working volunteers and little-known charity organizations have worked alongside FEMA and the Red Cross in getting people the food, shelter, clothing, and psychological relief they need. But all that’s just a bunch of temporary solutions. What we need is a concerted, multi-stage rebuilding effort on the part of private companies with the means and the skill-set to get things back up and running again.

We’re talking to you, construction industry of America. This tragedy should be a huge battle summons to the fact that our nation needs a heap of repairs and ongoing restoration effort. Already, we’re seeing the signal lights changing: for the first time since the Housing Bubble burst back in 2008, we’re seeing real growth in the construction sector of the U.S. economy. And while Hurricane Sandy proved a nightmare for those who lived through the worst of it, and for those (including insurance companies) who have to pick up the terrible tab in its aftermath, it’s up to somebody to lead the charge. If the government’s going to continue to dither about going full-force in its relief efforts, it’s up to private initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to get things rekindled.

How can we at DW Lift Sales help you out in this undertaking? One word for you: inventory. We have an inventory of 2013 Freightliner M2-106’s rearing to get into the action. Not only these, but we carry a serious number of knuckle booms, cranes, conveyors, and even tractors on our lot. When it comes to industrial-strength freighting, lifting, hauling, and rubble clearing, we have the equipment if you’ve got the drive to get it! Let’s get our East Coast back up and rolling. Contact us today with your quotes and queries.

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