Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Solid Gains in Residential Construction Reported; More Predicted

The future, of course, remains unwritten. But if the current economic headwinds hold sway, it looks as though 2013 may well see a trend first spotted in 2012: the resurgence and rise of America’s once all-powerful residential construction industry. Despite all that nonsense last month about the fiscal cliff, construction employment nationwide rose by 30,000 new jobs – hardly the birth of a Golden Age, true, but not exactly shabby either. As Ken Simonson, chief economist of the Association of General Contractors of America puts it succinctly, “Resurgent demand for new housing construction and modest growth in private commercial construction are helping create some new construction jobs… Now that the threat of the fiscal cliff has been temporarily relieved, construction employment should continue to slowly rise in 2013.”

For the first time since the big, bad Housing Bubble crisis walloped us back in 2007, residential construction accounts for the largest share of new construction spending in the United States. The message seems obvious enough to be written on the wall, or in this case the blog: Housing is back. That means construction companies across the U.S.A. are going to need to do some solid reassessing and reinvestment when it comes to their workforce and their construction equipment. Luckily, DW Lift Sales is in top gear and ready to meet the new demands of the market. Since our bread-and-butter business is supplying heavy-duty transportation for construction companies and contractors, we have the ways and the means to accommodate pretty much any quote or work order you want to put our way. Both our new and used truck and trailer platforms are waiting for you to simply pick up your set of keys and put them to work. It’s what America needs right now more than anything, is good news. We at DW, for one, are here and ready to insure that good news stays put and remains good news.

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